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(from Eng. – attic, upper floor) – vast space, often of industrial application, reconstructed for accomodation and offices.

Idea Loft originated from the use of factory premises in the 40th years of the last century in Manhattan, New York. Having passed from workshop to stylish room loft appeared at the top of fashion in the 50th years. Soon innovative accomodation and offices has got elite status. And now in the USA and Europe offices and galleries, restaurants and clubs have been opening in the loft-concept.

Key features of loft-style are dictated by the industrial type of premises – open planning, maximum  space and light, as well as obligatory neighborhood of old and new materials – ancient-old masonry, concrete walls, simple wooden floor combined with glass, chrome details and ultra-modern technology.

Over half a century of existence of loft-concept the dwellers of such accomodations have been changing – from artists and architects with their studios and galleries to financiers and their offices. But all these people are united by individuality, freedom of self-expression and unwillingness to live within conventionalities.

The Loft Gastropub is created specially for such people.


The Loft Сascade

SM Cascade Plaza, 2nd floor, Ekaterynoslavsky blvd, 1
067 640 50 77

The Loft Passage

SM Passage, 5th floor, pr. K.Marksa, 50
067 640-50-88