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мастер классы для детей


Kids School of Food — new project from The Loft Gastropub.
We decided to make “grown-up” approach to the problem of kids entertainment: we have no animators dressed up in the costumes of “cartoon” characters or food in the form of “snouts”. Every Sunday The Loft Gastropub becomes the place of kids parties.
Creative cooking master- classes, exciting educational programs and interesting interactives with animators are waiting for kids. Together with our chief cook kids cook the dishes they like most of all — burgers, cupcakes, croissants and many others. Each kid can feel like a real chief cook.

Kids School of Food is:
– New format of kids entertainment
– Cooking master-classes under supervision of chief cook
– Exciting games and interactives
– Communication with peers, new friends
– Specially designed kids menu
– New dish every week
– Duration of the event – 1.5 hours
Kids School of Food is not only for children but also for parents. While children are playing, parents relax!
We will make rest in The Loft Gastropub even more pleasant and, most importantly, interesting.

Pre-registration: CASCADE (056) 732-45-45
Beginning 11:00
Ticket price for a kid – 150 UAH.